Quake Day Attempt 2 on Orange Hut No, 3

Monday started with some shaking and early in the morning got a text from work stating "No work today". Had a nice sleep in and and wasted the afternoon before the thought of doing a quake day hut bag occurred. A quick bag pack, later it turned out it was a much too quick of a bag pack, and left Wellington at about three o'clock, heading straight to the car park, parked up. Headed off to get to Orange Hut No. 3, its a nice stroll through some trees and then onto farm land.
Track is flat farmland following a creek before a climb
Hadn't bothered to check weather, clouds seemed a bit ominous.
Dark clouds coming
Spotted a very interesting fungi on the walkway, just a little bit magical, not long after this the clouds rolled in and small rain fell, getting heavier.
Psilocybe mexicana
Kept on up and got to the top and crossed a fence into young pines, and about then the weather turned to hard heavy rain with a bit of a chill wind. Drenched rather quickly. Did think I could keep going and stay the night returning the next day. Thought about what I didn't put in my pack and said nah. So at quarter past five headed back down and drove home.

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