Neill Ridge

Drove to Otaki Forks late Friday night and bivvied out in the car park to give me an early start. Just me and Classic of Islay and excellent weather heading from Otaki Forks to Neill Forks hut via Tararua Peaks and back to Otaki Forks via "Track not maintained" to Neill Ridge and along to Hector and back down Judd Ridge.  A weekend of weather perfection with Tararua wall to wall blue sky.

10/04/2010 Saturday
0708 Left Otaki Forks.
0846 Arrived at Fields hut. A photo looking down as I was heading away.
Wandering along Judd ridge with a view toward Dennan and Bridge Peak.
0914 Got to the turn off to Penn Creek and continuing on to Bridge Peak for a snack and cup of coffee.  Looking along the Tararua range leading to Tararua Peaks.
Watching gliders cruise the length of the Tararua's.
Getting close to the Tararua Peaks.
Over the other side watching a Kaka on the wing.
Looking back at the Tararua Peaks.
1416 The Maungahuka hut and its wee spot up high, great place for vision adjustment.
1504 Left Maungahuka hut and headed off down to Neill Forks.
1640 Finally got to the destination of Neill Forks hut.
Here for the night, so had food with a can of beer. Got the fire going to reduce that chill and finished off with Classic of Islay, a 2009 release, so tasty and in such a relaxed human noise free setting.

11/04/2010 Sunday
Woke up at six o'clock but still dark back to never never land and the waking up late. Got some human noise with a chopper dropping off hunters gear.
0920 Crossed the stream and headed off up the ridge track called "Track not maintained" which intersects Neill Ridge just before Neill. Excellent ridge walk with track remenants almost all the way. 
1129 Looking back at the ridge from Winchcombe.

1442 A few minutes from Kime hut.
1529 Passed Penn Creek turnoff.
1552 Left Fields hut.
1708 Back to the car at Otaki Forks.

And the map showing the circuit.

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