Neill Forks Hut 06-07/08/2011

Exploring the Hector river has been an interest for a few years as I have never traveled from the Hector headwaters, that start below Mt Hector, to Neill Forks hut or from Neill Forks hut to the Waiohine river. So this weekend heading to Neill Forks hut to check out the walk down the Hector river then wander back to Totara flats hut where the old Hector Track went. I do not expect to find a track as its about 27 years since it was maintained.

06/08/2011 Saturday
Left Wellington Saturday morning and drove to Holdsworth car park then off to Totara Flats hut for lunch and cleaned up the rubbish someone had left. One more fish grew legs.

Totara Flats Hut
After a relax in the big empty hut headed off up the hill, looking for the old Hector track entrance. Did not spot it on the way up. Eventually got to Neill Forks hut where a party of four had arrived half an hour early. After a quick snack and before it got dark I headed off down the river to see what it was like. Cold and knee deep, I only went as far as the first bend. Think I will wait for summer to do the old Hector track or a nice hot day.

07/08/2011 Sunday
Had a sleep in at the hut which was very quiet after the four other trampers headed off. Gave the hut a tidy up and got some firewood ready for the next party.
Neill Forks Hut
After lunch headed off up the hill to Cone ridge. On the way down to Totara Flats hut spotted the following sign, which is probably where the old Hector track joins up. As why would a sign like that be there in the middle of a track section. Went for a walk on a very old and faded track for ten minutes, enough time to realise it is the old track.
Got to Totara and cooked some food and had a coffee. Two others where here. While eating,  a chunk of rain fell out of the sky. Cleared before I left. As I was walking up the hill towards Holdsworth track it began to snow.
Got to car just before eight, was starting to get cold.

Trip Times
0911 Left Holdsworth car park
1001 Rocky Lookout
1027 Totara Flats turnoff Mount Holdsworth track.
1057 Totara Creek crossing.
1159 Totara Flats hut.
1307 Left Totara Flats hut.
1457 Cone Ridge Junction, turnoff to Neill Forks hut.
1539 Neill Forks hut
Walk Time: 5h20m
1335 Left Neill Forks hut.
1450 Cone Ridge Junction.
1555 At old Cone Ridge sign
1612 At Totara Flats hut.
1711 Left Totara Flats hut.
1813 Totara Creek crossing.
1855 Totara Flats turnoff Mount Holdsworth track.
1915 Rocky Lookout.
1948 Holdsworth car park.
Walk Time: 5h14m

Map of Explore Area
Route to explore

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