Neill Forks Hut Again 27-28/08/2011

Third weekend in a row going to Neill Forks. This is a good walk from Holdsworth if you have not much time and still want a bit of exercise.

Saturday 27/08/2011
Left Wellington just after 1100 hours, so its a 1 hour 45 minute drive to Holdsworth road end. Headed off listening to music which seems to give me a faster pace? Stopped at Rocky Lookout for mental adjustment and it is a fine view out to the plains.
When I crossed the swing bridge just before Totara Flats hut I realised that again this weekend the river travel was out. The snow melt had it cranking bank to bank.
Got to the hut and the stack of wood I left in front of the fire how I left it earlier in the month. Hut book has my entry from the begining of the month as the last entry. Checked thru the book and see that some months its common for just two recorded visits. See a few moaners have been here over the years, those people complaining of the track condition and how there are branches on it and its hard to find at times. The answer to that is stay home. It was a relaxing evening with a fire and some nice 10 yo Ardbeg and a good book to read.

Sunday 28/08/2011
A lazy start to the day and didn't leave the hut till mid day, had a bit of scavenge for fire wood as I expect to be back soon.

River more relaxed on the way out.

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