Anderson Memorial

Tararua tramp with Carl and much enjoyment, same as usual.

Friday 11/11/2011
This was a nice head off early trip,  I escaped from the office at 1202 or was it 1204? Anyways i bolted and got Carl and we got on the motor way and zoomed off to Otaki where we groceried and visited my Dad and finally headed off to Otaki Forks. Parked up and had a conversation with a man (old) from Canada and it was strange. And I realised I had forgotten my camera. What a stupid thing I had done, I love to take my camera for a walk. So sad. All photos by Carl Hickton. Field hut is such a nice old place.
Field Hut
We got walking and we got views of the ranges as we headed for Kime Hut.
We got to Kime Hut and we fed ourselves and had a couple of beers before sleeping a sleep of cold.
beer stack
What a barn of a hut, not in a good barn way more in a extinguished mall of a barn way.

Saturday 12/11/2011
Woke in the barn that is not a great barn and headed off in the clag to Maungahuka for lunch.
DOC ware
There is a bit of up and down before Maungahuka, wire rope, a ladder, and some chains but its still just a walk in the park.
Mangahuka Hut
After lunch there was some up and down and a bit of rain and we hit Aopakarangi before we realised so we dropped packs and went down to the hut to check it out.
Old sign
It was much the same as last time i was here. Nice and tucked in the trees.
Aokaparangi Hut
Off again and after more clag and some small rain we eventually got to Anderson Memorial Hut. Nice place.
Anderson Memorial Hut
Fire going food eaten and then a beer and whisky. The whisky being Caol Ila Distillery cask strength. An amazing whisky at 61.3% with a big oily taste of Islay. And some fine humor with a advertisment in the FMC and another publication...
Sunday 13/11/2011
Woke early, ignored the alarm and got out of bed eventually. Headed off to Junction Knob and then downhill to YTYY hut, a typical claggy day and a three hour journey. Saw a goat out grazing as we crossed the swing bridge, named him Leo.
Then off out to Otaki Forks and back to Wellington.

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