Ohau River

A solo trip which concludes with the death of a car. Really ment to do much more but having left the car with smoke pouring out from the bonnet I did not have the right mind set to just go for it.
Friday 18/11/2011
Left the Crosslands and drove off to Poads Road. While sitting in the car in the dark getting my pack packed I could smell this acrid burning smell that got stronger so got out and realised it was pouring out from under the bonnet. Came from the area of alternator or generator or whatever sort of ator it was. Oh well packed up and headed off across the paddock intending to get to North Ohau hut as others where already at South Ohau and i was going to arrive very early morning, probably 0300 hours.
Got into the river and walked up around a few bends not really going for it begining to feel tired; so when a nice sandy beach came into view I decided to bivvy out. Got all comfortable and noticed I could not see stars any more. Dozed off and got woken by rain. Was not really coming down so went back to sleep, with a small whisky to help.

Saturday 19/11/2011
A nice day with sunshine and no wind, had breakfast while still in my bivvy bag and somehow made a decision to just go back to the car and see if I could get it sorted in Otaki.

Laid the damp things out and they where dry in no time so headed off out.

No trip times

No map

No car... sold it later in the day for scrap; got $150.00.

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