Lees Creek

A wander with Anthony into Lees Creek off the Wairau Hanmer Springs Hydro road. Neither of us had ever been here. Going in the middle of the week we assumed we would not see any other persons.

24/11/2011 Thursday
Due to the locked gate on the public road we changed to bicycles, mine being a girls low seat purple model.
The road to Lees creek is a gradual uphill with one or two down hills. I wished I had adjusted the bike seat as it was way to low and I felt my knees where getting up around my ears.
We crossed the swing bridge and both of us where surprised at the mass and rate of the water flowing down the Wairau. Looking up the Wairau from the swing bridge.
Looking down the Wairau from the swing bridge. The following is the swing bridge across Lee Creek. The water level was up with all the snow melt.
A view of the mountains as we head to Lees Creek hut.
 At Lees Creek hut.

25/11/2011 Friday
Even though today is the go home day we decided to head up the North branch of Lees Creek for an explore. There is a great trail all the way up on the true right, fresh deer prints.
Great fungi specimen on the way out. Is this a Morel or a false Morel or something else? More research needed.
Trip Times

Thursday 24/11/2011
1114 Left the car parked on the on the South side of Six Mile Creek. Biked South to Lees Creek and headed off
1146 Ronans Well
1153 Lees Creek track
1526 Lees Creek Hut
Friday 25/11/2011
1307 Left Lees Creek hutheading for the Wairau
1516 Lees Creek swing bridge
1541 Lees Creek car park
1611 Six Mile Creek

Map of the Trip

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