Dundas Loop

An excellent fine weather weekend where sun tan lotion was required. A trip from Putara road end to Herepai hut on Friday night. Then on Saturday around the tops to Dundas Hut with a side trip to Mt Dundas. Sunday was a return to Putara road end by taking the track down into the Ruamahunga and then up onto Cattle Ridge and down to Roaring Stag and out. Did this trip with some guy.

Friday 25/01/2013
Tried to head away just after work but got stuck in the city due to a couple of bus break downs. Didnt get onto the motor way until after six. Stopped for food in Carterton so it was after eight that we finally headed off to Herepai hut. One big bit of mushroom on the way.
It was a slow walk in, took two hours and normally its thirty minutes quicker. Maybe the track got stretched after the rains.

Saturday 26/01/2013
Leaving Herepai hut real early for me, it being all of 0640 hours!
It was a bit hot as we headed up Herepai, but once on top hit a bit of cold wind and cloud started gathering. Feared that the forecast weather was on a change.

Sunday 27/01/2013
Some guy woke me early saying it was time to get out of bed and to head away. He was gone just after six am. I didnt head off until eight. I wanted the sun in the valley so I could have a swim at the first river crossing. Was really a dip as there was no deep pools.

Trip Times

Friday 25/01/2013
2021 Left Putar Road end for Herepai hut
2056 At last swing bridge
2132 At junction
2221 At Herepai hut
Saturday 26/01/2013
0640 Left Herepai hut heading up Herepai
0724 Stanley Evans
1039 Pukemoremore
1122 At Dundas hut
1348 Left Dundas hut for Mt Dundas 
1443 Mt Dundas
1512 LEft Mt Dundas for Dundas hut
1603 At Dundas hut
Sunday 27/01/2013
0745 Left Dundas hut
0829 Into Ruamahunga 

Map of Trip

Removed some rubbish from Roaring Stag, will give it back to Seek Freedom crowd. And there was no whisky for this trip.

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