Triangle Spur

This was the third attempt and was an easy wander due to the exceptionally good weather.

Friday 18/01/2013
Drove to Poads Road end and just before 8pm headed up the South Ohau river to the South Ohau hut, getting there sometime before 11pm, the river being up slightly made the going a bit slow. As there where people at the hut went straight to bed.

Saturday 19/01/2013
Got out of bed once the party of older trampers had headed off and yarned to Pete, who got a young stag up Butchers the previous evening.

Sometime later headed off up Dowling Falls to Girdlestone Saddle and then down the Mangahao track. Stopped at the pool where a creek joins the Mangahao for lunch.
Then off down to Mangahao Flats hut. Got there about 3pm and was worried that the hut would be full. Stupid worry as there was no one there. Much later another couple arrived.

Rained a bit in the evening.

Sunday 20/01/2013
Left the hut and headed off up the Mangahao for the Triangle Spur, a "Track Not Maintained". The track however is still easy to follow with just a few minor bits of tree fall. No real bush bashing at all. Its surprising how clear the track is after a few decades of no maintainence.

The worst bit was getting a few scratches pushing thru the leather wood. Strange conditions in the open as barely could see Dundas due to clag, it looked clear further South.
Had lunch at Dundas trig and then carried onto Arete, used compass to ensure I went the correct way a few times as the clag killed visibility at times. No wind, not cold, was a real hot day. Nice flowers about.
Signed hut book at Arete where three people where hanging out and continued to Te Matawai for the night.

Monday 21/01/2013
A very hot clear day. Went down to South Ohau hut for a snack and meet some more people on there way out. Had a slow walk out down the Ohau stopping for a few swims. Twice in the rapids saw fast moving fish, not trout. These ones where out getting some sun.
Trip Times

Friday 18/01/2013
1943 Left Poads Road carpark
2040 Into South Ohau
2112 North South Ohau junction
2254 South Ohau hut
Saturday 19/01/2013
1112 Left South Ohau hut heading up South Ohau
1139 At the start of the marked track up the ridge to get above Dowling falls
1209 Off the ridge back into the creek
1243 At Girdlestone Saddle
1310 Creek joins Mangahao and has pool
1448 At Mangahao Flats Hut 
Sunday 20/01/2013
1006 Left Mangahao Flats hut
1038 Crossing creek approx 30 minutes from Managhao Flats hut  
1106 Heading up Triangle Spur
1221 Out of the bus
1252 On Triangle Spur
1456 On Dundas
1517 Leaving Dundas
1652 Arete Hut
1709 Left Arete Hut
1733 Pukematawai
1826 Te Matawai hut
Monday 21/01/2013
1121 Left Te Matawai hut
1215 South Ohau hut
1244 Left South Ohau hut
1611 Paods Road

Map of the Trip

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