Kime Hut

Saturday 28/11/2015
After a day of house cleaning I did decide to head off to Otaki Forks and wander in to Kime for the night only because Bill texted me that just him and Jane where at the hut. No crowds.

Left my car at Otaki Forks approx 1930 hours and got to Field hut at 2100 hours; torched up from Field as was dark and heading into minor clag.

Sunday 29/11/2015
Up to Hector Hut in the morning with Bill for his ingress game thing with aliens and portals and all sorts of non-existent mumbo jumbo.
Hector Memorial, flag Remanent, and Bill
Back out to Otaki Forks ...
Leaving Kime in the Klag
Bill, Sign, and Jane
North along to Table Top
Map of Place

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Trip Times
Saturday 28/11/2015
1923 Left Otaki Forks
2102 Field Hut
2135 Sign to Penn Creek
2221 Bridge Peak, first sign
2234 Kime Hut
Sunday 29/11/2015
0934 Left Kime Hut
1108 At Field Hut
1256 At car park Otaki Forks

NOTE: No sign of any bibles.

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