YTYY with Bill and Jane

Left Wellington late on the Friday evening. Did some hours of fix up of my Mum and Dads computer after it got the faulty Microsoft security update KB-3097877 installed and left their computer unusable. That was a real cock up there Mr and Mrs Microsoft. Reason why I live in Mac Book land.

Got to Otaki Forks and wandered in to Parawai Lodge for the night, as aim to meet Bill and Jane at nine in the morning for our walk into Waitewaewae and maybe up to Anderson Memorial hut.

Saturday 14/11/2015
Had my breakfast in the warm sun. Meet Bill and Jane at the picnic area and drove our cars to the over night car park, then headed off into YTYY.
Jane and Bill well dressed and packed
 We did have a discussion and the water way won out, was not the warmest.
Bill and Jane crossing towards the hut
Got to Waitewaewae, had lunch and dropped off most of our stuff before heading up to Shoulder Knob. Lost the blue sky and by the time we got out of the bush it was windy and claggy and no views.

Sunday 15/11/2015
Rain all night. Bed in breakfast then out and off into the rain.
YTYY hut with rain
Was a warm walk out, bit more slipping than on the way in and we did take the high water track. The following is the Sunday river rise.
Otaki River at Pukehinau Flow for the weekend

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