Waitewaewae and Rain and no Island Forks

Been into YTYY a lot lately as have found a large area to explore.

Friday 20/11/2015
Friday afternoon Paul and I headed off to Otaki Forks with wet weather forecast, hoping that it would not be too wet.
Side stream
Got into Waitewaewae hut via the new track and discarded most stuff from my pack and headed off to see if I could get to Island Forks. Followed an old track on the true right just past the swing bridge, but got slowed down clambering thru bush as it got dark. So gave up and headed back to Waitewaewae.
Dirty Brown River
Had the fire going by the time Paul arrived.

Saturday 21/11/2015

Some sleep in the next day as it rained all night. Paul headed off out and I had another go at getting to Island forks this time crossing the swing and heading up the true left, another old track. Where the river was widest tried to cross. Waist deep water and very swift, still another 10 meters to go and it was getting deeper. So again failed to get to Island Forks.

As  I headed out I meet a couple of trampers and they told me that Paul had taken the old track. Caught up with Paul before he got out of the creek and we both decided the old track has more of a green forest feel and far more enjoyable to walk than the new sidle greasy one.
Boiler and Paul
Fungi on the slip after the boiler, still not too bad to go up and over.

Trip Times
Friday 20/11/2015
1533 Left the car at Otaki Forks
1750 Plateau
1859 Hut
Saturday 21/11/2015
1239 Left hut
1350 Plateau
1602 At the car

The river flow for the weekend, getting high.
Otaki River at Pukehinau Flow for the weekend

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