Makahu Road End Kaweka Explore

This was my first trip to the Kaweka's and it was very enjoyable with hot weather and nine huts bagged. Cost of petrol was $110.00 return with quarter of a tank left.

Friday 27/01/2017
Had intended to leave early, like four o'clock as it was a five hour drive. Got sidetracked with work and did not leave Wellington until six o'clock and then spent a extra few hours in congested traffic due to an accident.
Finally on the way to the Kaweka's
One lane old style bridge
Saturday 28/01/2017
Left the car park after a brief snooze bagging Makahu Saddle hut on the way to Dominie Hut where I decided to sleep. It was a good wander to Dominie hut, lost the track in the dark so used compass to get on ridge top and kept on up and soon back on the track. Bit of a chill wind. So glad to arrive art Dominie as I was dead on my feet.
Car park
Woke up at 0800 hours and left Dominie hut after breakfast and headed to Back Ridge Hut.
Dominie Hut
Not far from the top of Kaweka
Stopped for a drink and snack at Back Ridge hit, a good spot for a hut.
Back Ridge hut
From Back Ridge hut to Back Ridge Bivouac it is a very pleasant stroll in the trees, they smell good, and no paper was consumed. Two hunters where at the bivouac who had been successful.
View of the ridge to walk along
Back Ridge Bivouac
Once I left Back Ridge Bivouac it was in ferocious heat and I ran out of water and it become a bit of a struggle getting to  Kiwi Mouth Hut. Very small steps going up hill with heart hammering, black spots, and face plants.
Purple flowered Hebe
The hot ridge
Dragon Fly
Kiwi Mouth Hut
Took the river wander to  Kiwi Saddle Hut, which was nice and cool. Water was not good too drink as the river has a bit of rock snot in it. Not long before heading up out of the river to join the Kiwi Saddle track I got water from a side creek. Delicious.
River walk
Arrived at Kiwi Saddle hut after ten p.m. One person at the hut having arrived not long before me, warned me he was leaving at five in the morning for a hunt.

Sunday 29/01/2017
Slept very well and did not even wake when the hunter left. Late start for me as I did not leave Kiwi Saddle hut until after ten a.m.
My route was over the tops heading to the Makahu road end, with a detour down to Studholme bivouac and hut.
Alpine flowers all out there
Hebe heaven
View to them mountains
Where I'm going...
Was a nice surprise to find a good water supply at Castle Camp, had not researched this route and the shelter and water where unexpected. That gave me a refill of water and a extra rest spot before heading onto Studholme Bivouac.
Castle Camp
bang bang your dead
Its was dry arid hills wandering here
Wandered past the Studholme bivouac and then up valley to lunch at Studholme hut and then off up the hill to Kaweka.
Studholme Bivouac
Some whirly bird over head
Studholme Hut
Heading up the hill
View back
 Dead hot trees on the side
The monument
Decided to take a different route back to the car, choose Dons Ridge. What a bash thru the wilding pines that was. Next time I need my chainsaw.
Down time
Looking across to the up ridge
The nasty pine trees
Map of Trip
BJ37 part showing trip
Trip Times
Friday 27/01/2017
1750 Left Wellington
2355 Arrived Hastings
Saturday 28/01/2017
0248 Left car park
0410 Arrived Dominie Hut - sleep time
0853 Left Dominie Hut
1029 Arrived Back Ridge Hut
1111 Left Back Ridge Hut
1233 Arrived Back Ridge Bivouac
1245 Left Back Ridge Bivouac
1617 Arrived Kiwi Mouth Hut
1935 Left Kiwi Mouth Hut
2050 Track up out of creek
2211 Arrived Kiwi Saddle Hut
Sunday 29/01/2017
1019 Left Kiwi Saddle Hut
1149 Castle Camp Shelter
1208 Left Castle Camp Shelter
1333 Studholme Bivouac
1339 Left Studholme Bivouac
1356 Arrived Studholme Hut
1522 Left Studholme Hut
1645 Kaweka
1823 Back at car

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